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what is flirty?

FLIRTY is an Erotic Social Media Platform where fans and artists can create or browse original NSFW content. Unlike any other social network, users can sign up whilst remaining totally anonymous if they choose.

Phase 1 is already complete and ready for your participation, the only limit is your imagination, check out what the FLIRTY community has already created in the Fantasy Room - if you can handle it!

FLIRTY TOKEN will be tightly integrated into the FLIRTY ecosystem with the advantage that it delivers anonymity and rewards artists to keep producing fantastic content. All this as we explore some of those hidden desires in a safe and fun way. We’re excited to see what the future holds.

We are launching the FLIRTIES soon, don't forget to join our Telegram Group for news and announcements and bookmark this page for the official token address. This is an opportunity you don't want to miss! Jump to the Investor Section to learn more.



Bring your character to life with our Character Builder that currently has more than a million combinations. Add your secret fantasy then publish it anonymously. If you'd prefer to see what others have created (we know you do, you little pervert) head straight into the Fantasy Room.


Cover your eyes and enter at your own risk! The Fantasy Room is where you can search and browse all the characters and filthy fantasies created by the FLIRTY community. Comment and vote on your favourites and watch them rise to the top. We'll select from the most upvoted characters to be brought to life by our top Anime and Hentai artist collaborators. 


So, you think characters need more outfits or accessories? Let us know! Maybe they could wield their weapon of choice like a cheeky vibrator or a naughty strapon? Maybe they could have special powers like being a blowjob master or a pornstar God?

Let your imagination for the future of FLIRTY run wild, slip your comments into our Suggestion Box or check out the ideas that other depraved individuals like yourself have had. Vote them up to be considered in our future Roadmap


There's so much more we have in store for you. We're about to launch the flirtycoin token (FLIRTY) which will enable the next phase of the FLIRTY platform. To see what's planned keep scrolling down or jump to the Roadmap.

THE FLIRTY roadmap

Phase 1 of our plan has been successfully completed, and ready for your enjoyment. We're currently building the community (Phase 2) and soon it's time for Token Launch!



After an intensive period of development the Flirty Platform (Flirty World) is fully operational. You can already join the community anonymously, browse all the naughty creations or create your own, comment and share with your friends. Start playing in the Flirty World.

Concept & Business Plan

Initial founder funding

White Paper

Enagage Anime Artists

UX and UI Development

Character creator development

1,075,200 unique artwork combinations

Character publishing

Fantasy Room 

Filtering, search, hashtag functionality

Fantasy sort function

Optimised image lazy loading

Stacking algorithm for character cards

Social media sharing capability

Anonymous account creation

Commenting and like functionality

Reporting inappropriate content

Suggestion Box and voting system

Secure login protocols

Maximise server security

Strong encryption enabled on all data

Testing, redevelopment and QA

Launch Website and Platform



With phase 1 complete you can help us build the community by adding unique creations and your own stories or fantasies and share them across all platforms. There’s already plenty of messed up content generated by the community to share far and wide.

Establish official social media channels

Social media marketing campaigns

PR Campaigns released

Engage Influencers and collaborators

User Generated Content (UGC) sharing

Airdrop competitions

Video content

Forums and reviews



FLIRTIES are the fuel for the Flirty platform - everything we’ve been doing so far has led us to this moment and we’re ready for launch. Early investors can ride with us as we launch the currency at the center of Flirty World.

Toknomics established

Solidity contract completed

Extensive testing on the testnet

Fund liquidity

Lock liquidity

Launch the FLIRTY Token



We’re going to start with features already planned but will also incorporate the most popular suggestions and feedback from our community on our various social channels. The Flirty platform will evolve in directions we don’t even know yet, which is what makes it so exciting. A truly community driven platform.

Account page

Member messaging and notifications

User Profiles

Special username and character card dressing

User groups for moderation

Add transgender and inclusive content

Reward system for top contributors


Additional rooms and groups

Implement top requested features from suggestion box 



With an expanding and active user base and the proving of the Flirty platform we will be opening the FLIRTIES token to the wider trading community by meeting the requirements for wider exchange listings. Our aim is to solidify the value and legitimacy of the project but also further reward our initial believers, collaborators, artists and investors.

Verifications on BScScan (Binance Smart Chain)

Listings on Coinmarketcap, Coingecko and others

Connect with trading exchanges

Bitmart, Whitebit, Cointiger

Binance, Kraken, FTX

On-page currency exchange



NFT integration will allow users to truly own their unique character creations,  add capabilities, powers and traits leading to a more immersive and multi-dimensional experience. Ownership will be shared by investors and contributors and share in future revenues.

Abilities and personality types attached to characters

Create Unique and rare Character DNA traits

Trade NFT items that are equippable on characters

Sell creations on NFT marketplaces

Integrate with OpenSea, Rarible and others

Flirty NFT marketplace

Launch the FLIRTY Token



For the first time ever, you can bring your very own Hentai pornstar Princess (or Prince) to life, and pimp her to the world. Flirty Fans is where new and well known artists alike will be crowdfunded by fans to develop fully interactive characters. FLIRTIES, our currency will be fully integrated into our decentralised ecosystem allowing contributors and artists to share in the generated revenue.

Additional character customisations

Animation added to characters

FLIRTIES integrated as payment method

Crowdfunding character development

Artist registry bidding and rating system

Subscription model integrations

Suggestion algorithm

Artificial Intelligence capabilities explored



The collaborative capability of the Flirty platform means that the best ideas and characters will start to form a life of their own and start that life with a ready formed fanbase. Just imagine your Flirty Hentai character becoming a 3 dimensional porn star with their own collectibles, starring in music videos, games or launching their own merchandise line or lingerie label.

AI chat and sexting

Duet with characters

Voting on which characters hook up

VR Video

In House NFT marketplace

In House project launchpad

Add more unique personality options

Add more writers roles

Cross platform character identities

Foster emerging community talent

3D Games and character development

Cosplay rooms

Character career management

Character monetization

flirty COIN

Flirty Coin (FLIRTY) is the offical currency of the Flirty Platform. Owning FLIRTIES is the only way fans will be able to access exclusive content. Beyond the real benefits for both Fans and Aritsts, there are several key advantages for anyone holding the coin.

Investor Reward System

Investors earn FLIRTIES over time with 3% of all transactions distributed amongst the holders. So you're earning just by holding!

Fast Scaling Community

As the Community grows, so does the demand for FLIRTIES. The tight integration between the currency and the platform drives its value.

NFT Asset Opportunities

As Characters NFT's become available for purchase you will need FLIRTIES to invest and trade, in turn increasing demand for FLIRTIES.


For investors considering our worthiness, unlike your typical copycat DeFi liquidity tokens, we’re not promising you a ‘lambo’ or ‘trips to the moon’ if you ‘HODL’ like so many vague and cute ‘tokens’ out there.

FLIRTY is a unique and engaging adult social platform unlike anything created before - where a passionate community truly drives development in a fun and exciting way. You can see it in action right now.

Hentai dates back centuries to the Shunga erotic art style, the fan base is massive and growing faster than ever, now being incorporated into gaming and virtual reality. FLIRTY is not just for fans of Hentai and Anime, but even if it were, these communities are bigger than you may realise. Bigger than Marvel or the New York Times! Don’t take our word for it, check this out

Our promise to investors and the FLIRTY community is that we will continue to focus all our efforts and skill into developing a world class social platform that will encompass the benefits of DeFi and soon NFTs based on the community voting system, rewarding our investors, artists and community members along the way.

Flirty Coin (FLIRTY) will be tightly integrated into the FLIRTY ecosystem with the advantage that it delivers anonymity and rewards artists to keep producing fantastic content. All this as we explore some of those hidden desires in a safe and fun way. We’re excited to see what the future holds.



No tokens were allocated to anyone (including our own team) prior to launch. This gives everyone equal opportunity and prevents any wallet address holding enough coins to crash the price.


3% of every transaction is distributed between the current investors, the longer you hold, the more FLIRTIES you gain through reflection.


5% of each transaction is automatically added to the liquidity pool. This increases the value of the coin over time and allows people to freely trade. 


2% of every transaction is allocated to marketing activities and growth strategies including campaigns, influencers exchange listing and continued development. 



Our token address is  0X84D25B10A15FBD6F682D3B7E835AB949F46879E4

Watch the video below for instructions on how to buy on PancakeSwap.


Our team is what makes us special. We love the cheeky world of hentai and nsfw content and have combined that with seriously impressive range of skills spanning ecommerce, crypto, content creation, marketing, web and app development.

Brendan J.


Brendan is the CEO, Director and all round chief. With an extensive background in software and application development, Brendan started programming at age 10 and has been doing it ever since. He's has a passion for the merging of art and technology which is why he started this project.

Steve M.

Web Developer

Steve is a web developer who has been working in the field for over 8 years. He has an intimate knowledge of all aspects of the development process, as well as project management. Stevie's extensive experience in web design and development give him a unique perspective on how to create websites that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional and user-friendly. He's always innovating with new technologies.

Lei C.


A senior Solidity developer with over 10 years of experience in Blockchain development and research. Lei has been an active contributor to the Ethereum Classic community for about 3 years now, where he not only developed various Dapps but also contributed to ETC core projects such as ETCDEV-Parity (an open source project building Parity’s software suite for Ethereum Classic).

Chibbi D.


Chibbi is the Content Producer. She's a little on the crazy side, but that just adds to her charm! Chibbi has been working in erotica for years now, and she knows what she wants. Her favorite thing about it? The sheer uniqueness of it all. There are no two people who will ever have quite the same story as hers... or any other person's, for that matter!

Mitsui H.


Mitsui is a creative director at an anime studio . She has been working in the industry for 10 years and has a deep understanding of how to make excellent content. Her favorite thing about her job is having the opportunity to work with other talented people from different cultures on projects she enjoys.

Sarah T.


Sarah is a strategic partnerships manager who has been in the industry for over 10 years. She has extensive experience developing and executing marketing, sales, and business development strategies to drive revenue growth for both large corporations as well as startups.

Lizzie P.

Social & Marketing

Lizzie is a marketing and social media professional with over five years of experience in the field. She has a keen eye for detail, an innate understanding of how to tell stories, and a deep knowledge of what makes communities tick. Lizzie loves coming up with creative solutions to engage audiences and generate buzz around brands and organizations that she believes in.

Matt M.


Mathew is a graphic design specialist with an eye for detail and an obsession with perfection. He has designed websites, logos and marketing material for companies of all sizes and industries. His work has been featured in publications such as Print Magazine, HOW Magazine, The Guardian UK and more.