There is a growing demand for creative erotic content but much of it lacks visual appeal and interactivity. There are few platforms where artists and fans can explore and express themselves and get rewarded for their creations without being squeezed out of profits by mega corporations.

Flirty is a social media platform that brings together creators, artists and fans of anime, hentai and erotica to share and explore their creations. The platform was founded on the idea that erotic content deserves more recognition as a legitimate art form and artists should be rewarded for their creations.

Flirty allows anyone with an interest in creating or consuming erotic content to do so from one centralized location. It is an open-ended platform where users can post their own original work or enjoy the submissions of others - all whilst remaining completely anonymous if they choose.

Flirty is not a “use case” or “future phase” but a fully developed platform with a rapidly growing community and new content being generated every day. 

Flirty combines elements of the massively popular and growing Anime, Hentai and Erotica communities into a visual and social platform making it an engaging experience for users.

Due to the fact that Flirty is so unique, there are no comparable sites, however the opportunity exists in the unique combination of these markets and communities. Flirty is influenced by each of these, not as a purist representation, but a union of these, with the flexibility to evolve in the direction influenced by the Flirty community.

Anime is a huge, growing market, but artists are not sharing in the revenue generated.

Anime is a Japanese term mostly used to describe Japanese animation. Anime also has many sub genre’s such as Ecchi, which is a sub genre of japanese anime and manga that refers to erotic but not abruptly sexual content. More playful. It can show full to partial nudity.

The US market for Anime in 2020 was $23.56 billion USD growing at a compound annual growth rate 9.5%

See report from Grandview Research 

Anime has so much creative talent and the market is exploding but artists can have a tough time. 

See report from New York Times

Hentai is hugely popular amongst adult content.

Hentai is the word Western people use to refer to either Anime or Manga that has adult content; the Japanese use it as an insult roughly translating to "pervert".

Hentai, is the second most searched for term on Pornhub worldwide, according to new research by the adult film website. 

See the Pornhub Annual Report here.

EROTICA (Erotic Literature) is enjoying a resurgance in popularity

During the current global pandemic there are reports of popularity in Erotic literature increasing by as up to 423% 

See the report here

Currently erotica sites such as Literotica and Lush Stories, while very popular amongst a passionate community, lack visual appeal and interactivity. 

Erotic fiction is "cannibalising" the rest of the UK book market, UK retailer “The Bookseller” has said, with 8 of the top 10 bestselling novels being works of erotica. 

See the report here

There is a concern in the anime community over just how much money goes directly to the creators as opposed to the production committee. The best way to support the anime industry is to support the people who are trying to improve it from the inside.

See the report here

Users can join the community, browse creations in the fantasy room or create their own, then comment and share just like Facebook or Instagram, with a major difference - they can do it all anonymously. Phase 1 is complete and rapidly gaining users and content. See the CHARACTER CREATOR or visit the FANTASY ROOM (if you dare).

Flirty has a like, comment share system which allows users to vote up their favourite content, discuss and share the content making it a self-marketed platform with its unique share cards for each character. Users have the ability to share content in both pixelated (SAFE) format and raw (UNSAFE) format meaning any ‘sensitive’ imagery will be blurred out for the safety of those you are sharing with.

As with any social media platform, there is an ongoing requirement to ensure there is not abusive or inappropriate content. Users can flag/report content and our moderators manually check to ensure it complies with our community guidelines.

Flirty will soon be adding a ‘follow to see’ feature, allowing users to follow content creators in order to see the content or be notified by new content - this will protect the platform against spam and content flooding.

The platform will be gaining more sophisticated capabilities such as the ability to mint unique NFT Characters, add special powers and traits and trade equipable items. Character development will be crowdfunded and content will be developed by Artists who will get paid in FLIRTIES. Popular characters will have animated content developed and fan’s will request, vote and influence their traits. Characters may end up in their own hentai anime or even breed with other characters! All the details of the development plan are outlined in our ROADMAP.

The Flirty community is invited to help shape the future of the platform by adding ideas to the SUGGESTION BOX. Users can upvote and the most popular requests will be considered for development by our team.

FLIRTY is the currency of the FLIRTY platform. Used by fans to access exclusive content and to pay Artists for creating content, FLIRTIES will be tightly integrated into the FLIRTY ecosystem with the advantage that it delivers anonymity and rewards artists, writers and community members.

The Flirty token is a deflationary BEP-20 token on the Binance Smart Chain network (BSC) with an auto-yield generating function embedded into the contract allowing addresses holding the token to accumulate tokens automatically over time.

The Flirty token is initially tradeable via the Pancakeswap platform but will eventually be publicly traded on exchanges including Bitmart, Whitebit, Cointiger and eventually Binance, Kraken and FTX.

Every transaction made with the token is taxed with a 10% fee. That fee is then split into multiple categories:

50% is added back to the liquidity pool to ensure the token’s BNB supply grows to cater for all transactions.

30% is returned to token holders as a yield generation.

20% is added to a fund to pay for the development, marketing and maintenance of the platform.

A small variable percentage of the 3% total yield tax also gets sent to a burn address, so the supply of the token slowly dissipates over time creating the value of the token to slowly increase as the supply decreases and the demand increases. Otherwise known as a slow burn.

There will be an initial supply of 500 trillion tokens (500, 000, 000, 000, 000), alongside another 500 trillion being burned initially to start the slow burn process.

The token is then used on the platform as a digital currency to earn, interact and trade on the Flirty Platform. The token will give users the ability to buy NFT items, abilities and other miscellaneous upgrades such as Name dressing, Card dressing, Promotions and so on. All Character based NFT items will be equippable on the user’s character.

To prove ownership of items and characters on an account, a wallet connect function will be added to the site to prove ownership of an item. This will be a simple connect wallet button that will occur on login that will then enable you to trade and use your characters and items. Without connecting your wallet your accounts items will remain locked and unusable as a security measure. This will protect your valuable items against any account hijackings.

Traditional adult platforms use conventional payment gateways with transactions appearing on bank statements. Using FLIRTIES as a payment method provides anonymity for FLIRTY users and transactions are recorded anonymously with your Wallet Address on the Binance smart chain.

The development percentage is dissected from each transaction in BNB meaning that tokens are not sold back to the market to get funds to pay for development and marketing. The funds will then solely be used to maintain the future of the platform, create marketing campaigns, pay for development and maintenance of the platform.

Ownership of the contract will not be renounced as permanent limitations will be placed on the further development, maintenance and interactivity of the platform with the blockchain, exchanges and other markets.

The liquidity pool is locked for a minimum of 12 month intervals. It will not be locked permanently as it means the entire life of the project is dependent on whatever platform we choose to host our liquidity pool. We have plans to migrate in future or become independently hosted as our platform matures. As seen by many other token projects, locking liquidity permanently can be very damaging to the life of the token as migration of the liquidity pool becomes impossible. In order to maintain the life of the token this has been a very important decision to eliminate possible dangers with being third-party platform dependent, noting that third-party platforms also make important development decisions.

An NFT or (Non Fungible Token) is a token on the blockchain that represents a digital asset and certifies its authenticity, ownership and record of transaction and history. Creating NFT’s on the Flirty platform adds value to the items as digital assets. Meaning you can earn Flirties by creating NFT’s and trading them for profit or using the NFT’s to your advantage to win prizes.

The Flirty NFT’s can range from character abilities to outfits and items to even decoration of cards, display names, promotions and so on. The NFT character items and outfits are designed and created by our Flirty Artists and released into categories such as common, uncommon, rare, very rare to one and only. This terminology renders the scarcity and value of that specific item type determining whether other users or crypto traders own an item of that category. The rarer the item, the more value or benefits it will carry.

All NFT’s created on Flirty will also be tradeable on other marketplaces outside of the flirty platform. Owning a Flirty NFT is very beneficial when participating in flirty games, events, competitions and social recognition and will increase chances of rewards and victories. Flirty NFT’s will be further documented on release V2 whitepaper.

Flirty will host a marketplace where users can trade flirty NFT’s directly with other users on the site and bid on items for Flirty tokens directly. All transactions will be securely made on the flirty site with a bidding system. Where the highest bidder automatically receives the item from the seller after the bidding period has finished. A lowest bidding price will be set on the item that the seller will be happy to settle with. Tokens will be taken from the user placing the bid to ensure that if the sale is fulfilled the user has the tokens to pay for the item. The seller will also place the NFT so that once the bidding is complete, the buyer automatically receives the NFT.

If the transaction fails both parties will receive their assets back. If a user’s bid is out bidded, they will receive their tokens back automatically. A buy now setting will also be configurable for sellers if they wish to automatically settle the bids with a particular price to by-pass bidders, allowing bidding or buy-now. This will be further documented on release and in v2 whitepaper.

Safety is a huge priority on the platform, which is why we have developed moderation tools for moderators and administrators to moderate the platform and protect users from any inappropriate or dangerous content. As a requirement all users must be of ages 18 and over in-order to interact and utilize the platform. In future versions of the platform further verification and confirmation steps will be required to utilise the platform. All verification and confirmation steps will still be designed to protect the anonymity of the user.

Policies and guidelines are also in place to ensure that users follow regulations when posting, sharing, discussing and interacting with content. Although we respect the freedom and diversity of our users' imaginations there are still limits and boundaries that can be deemed unlawful in the eyes of the general public and governments. We do not condone the posting and use of Child Pornography, Characters to be depicted as children or content that threatens the safety of users self, other user, person, child or animal. We respect the rights and safety of all people, children and animals. No animal cruelty, child cruelty or any cruelty is to be posted, or boasted or ‘for’ type discussions of those topics on the platform. All content that goes against our regulations and policies will be met with consequence. Users also have the ability to report content that is deemed inappropriate and will also have the ability to hide content they find offensive.

All posts are checked, moderated and translated regularly to ensure the safety of our users and that no illegal content is posted and the platform is not used as a platform for illegal activity. 

We respect the privacy and anonymity of our community which is that we do not collect any user data and any data that is collected is used solely for the purpose of the user’s interaction with the platform. All users are to remain anonymous unless they choose otherwise.

There will be verification checks when entering the site only to ensure that the user’s entering and utilizing are of legal age 18 and above.

As we respect the privacy and anonymity of our users and community we also respect the privacy and anonymity of our team. Due to the nature and category of the platform, our team is kept anonymous for the safety, mental health and wellbeing of our team. We care about our staff as much as we care about our community.