We're continually adding to our list of FAQ's, if your question is not answered here, feel free to ask in the FLIRTY telegram group. We also continually update information on the homepage.

FLIRTY is an Erotic Social Media Platform where fans and artists can create or browse original NSFW content. Unlike any other social network, users can sign up whilst remaining totally anonymous if they choose.

Flirty Coin (FLIRTIES) is the currency that fans use to subscribe to content when FLIRTY FANS is launched. FLIRTIES will be tightly integrated with the advantage that it delivers anonymity and rewards artists to keep producing fantastic content and crowdfund artists to produce quality content. For further information on what is planned, please refer to the ROADMAP on our home page.

Our platform has already been launched and our community is growing. We are launching the Flirty Coin (FLIRTIES) early September. Bookmark the home page and join the telegram group for the big announcement.

If you want to create a character, love or comment you need an account. It is totally optional for you to add an email, but you will need to add one for password recovery.

As long as you have added an email you can reset your password with the reset password link on the login panel. If you created your account without an email address for recovery, we are unable to reset your password. This allows people to be totally ananymous if they choose. Note - even if you do add your password you will still be anonymous, and the email is for password reset only.

We have a report feature on every character. If you see something that you think is offensive or out of line, click the flag Icon and tell us what the issue it, this alerts us and we are able to check it. Flirty is meant to be a safe place for fantasies so there's going to be some confronting stuff, a bit sexy, smutty, slutty however we have zero tolerence for racism, bullying, homophobia, underage or alluding to underage characters, overt violence and will remove such content.

Yes, as long as you are logged in you can edit the characters you have created. You can only comment on characters created by others.

Join our telegram group, we have a number of Admins and you are welcome to message us there.